There are countless remedies available for hair loss, from the scientifically developed medications to less reliable old wives’ tales promising to restore luscious locks to the head.

Hair Clinic Dubai is dedicated to hair loss treatments and offers proven hair loss solutions for the patients. We have developed our own techniques and treatments with our wide experience. We perform customized hair loss treatments fit to suit unique problem of hair loss.

Here is the list of our 4 proven hair loss treatments available at Hair Clinic Dubai.

1.  FUE Hair Transplantation;

FUE Hair Transplantation is the most advanced hair loss treatments at Hair Clinic Dubai. The treatment is very safe and result oriented. We have done more than 10,000 hair transplant successful cases to our clients. This treatment is very sophisticated for hairline restoration, eyebrow hair transplants and facial hair transplants. The treatment is performed under local anesthetic with minimal pain involvement. The recovery time is very fast, and results are very natural.

2: Stem Cell Hair Restoration;

Stem cell hair restoration is new non-surgical, safe and most effective treatment for hair growth and delivers promising results to hair loss sufferers. Our clinic is a fully dedicated hair restoration facility offers stem cell hair loss treatments in Dubai. At Hair Clinic Dubai, our hair restoration has developed his own comprehensive technique of performing stem cell therapy for hair growth. To treat the hair loss, he extracts patient’s own stem cells from belly, flanks or love handles. He performs this out-patient procedure under local anaesthesia and a mild oral sedative. Then a special process is followed to isolate and to concentrate the stem cells from the extracted fat to administrate into scalp through injections. This non-surgical surgical hair restoration may take around 1-2 hours to accomplish.

3: Platelet Rich Plasma;

Platelet Rich Plasma is the most effective hair loss treatment option where individual’s blood is used to prevent hair loss.

Our specialized plastic surgeon performs PRP treatments for hair loss. The process of PRP starts drawing blood sample of patient and spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich-plasma. This concentration, then injected into scalp to slow down hair fall. This treatment will take only 30 to 45 minutes to complete and another session of PRP can be considered after 45 to 60 days.

4: Medication;

At Hair Clinic Dubai, our doctor may prescribe finasteride or other hair loss control sprays such as nanoxidil or minoxidil. These medicines are very effective to slow down hair loss process by strengthen existing hair and blocking DHT hormones those cause hair loss. The advised medicine patient may need to use for several months to see improvement.

We are pleased to offer our latest stem cell treatments for male and female hair loss patients; for more details please book your free consultation with our experts.