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Invisalign is arguably the best treatment for people looking for a minimally-invasive treatment. The procedure involves attaching clear tray aligners to the teeth to realign them to the correct position.  Invisalign in Northampton uses a series of aligner trays usually replaced after two weeks until the are correctly alig...

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Invisalign is a welcome treatment for people who want to straighten their teeth and correct other problems without surgery. The idea of not wearing the bulky and unsightly metal braces makes it a favorite option for many patients. However, before you take the plunge, here are some things you should know about Invisalign in Northampton treatment: 1. You...

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After watching A MILLION AND ONE videos on Invisalign, I finally got myself to do it! Follow me on my journey to STRAIGHT TEETH :D Follow Me Everywhere ;) • Instagram - @danielap526 • Twitter - • Facebook -

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To find out more about how much Invisalign costs, visit – You don't need a mouth full of metal to get straight teeth. An alternative to traditional braces is Invisalign - which are clear, removable plastic aligners trays cosmetic dentists can use to straigh...

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Depending on the severity of an overbite, Invisalign can sometimes realign an overbite. Dr Mark Hughes, a leading cosmetic dentist, explains how Invisalign can help adjust overbites. If you interested in finding out more, make an appointment now:

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