Do You Desire a Beautiful Smile? A Smile Makeover Treatment

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It’s heartbreaking when people don’t like their smile because of chipped, stained, yellow, crooked, or stained teeth. Several theories suggest that attractiveness influences judgments and treatment by others, which in turn influences a person’s behavior and traits. Since smile is a part of facial attractiveness, it plays a vital role in self-perception & self-esteem. In f...

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Having a beautiful smile can now be easily obtained by anyone provided you make the right choices. Even people with good dental hygiene and structurally sound teeth can be dissatisfied with certain elements of their smiles. Discoloration, misshapen teeth and minor orthodontic issues can affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. People who are self-consc...

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ConfiDent Dental & Skin Care Clinic recently opened their doors in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood. The facility is home to some of the best dentists around and gives patients access to one-day dentistry on procedures like veneers (something that has never seen such a quick turn-around time before in the GCC. POPSUGAR Middle East spoke to the experts to find out t...

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ConfiDent offers a range of one-day dentistry procedures including veneers, crowns, and implants, all thanks to the clinic’s commitment to innovation and high tech solutions.  One-day dentistry not only limits the time spent in the dentist’s chair but also means that clients get that perfect smile, in a matter of hours. ConfiDent’s one-day dentistry solutions use some of the best...

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A good smile is mostly acquired and seldom passed down as lineage. However, dental veneers play a pivotal role in increasing your confidence by offering a life-changing, dental-related experience. That said, before we start considering using dental veneers, it is necessary to consider their physical structure and the main advantages offered, before making the final decision. Firstly, it is importa...

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Porcelain is an incredibly strong and functionally reliable treatment. Used for plates, bathroom fixtures, and other items that must be strong enough for frequent use but should also look and feel appealing.For dental veneers, porcelain offers remarkable results. Translucent enough to accept shading, porcelain also reflects light in the same way as natural tooth enamel, enabling...

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