Q Why do we need a medical fitness test in the UAE?

Under the Law (7) of the year 2008 and Decree No. (5) of the year 2016, a Medical Fitness Certificate, confirming to be free of communicable diseases, must be issued for new applicants or residents of Dubai for the purpose of issuing or renewing their residence visa.

Q Who should take the medical fitness test?

All Residents Expats are supposed to get their medical test report to acquire a new UAE Visa or renew their expiring UAE visa.

Q What are the required documents for the medical test in the UAE?

All applicants must bring the following required documents to the medical test center.

• Original valid Emirates ID/original passport
• Registration form
• Recent photograph

Q How long does the medical test take?

The medical test is done within 20 minutes.

Q How much is the medical test for?

Service Charges
Medical Test DeliveryCost (AED)
For All categories
(Except Female household Domestic Service)
Cost (AED)
For Female household Domestic Service
Regular (4 Days)270320
Regular (4 Days)
24 Hours480530
48 Hours380430
4 Hours700750

Q How will I receive my medical test report?

The medical reports are sent to immigration directly. You will receive a sms with a link to download a copy of the results. You will also receive the medical test result/certificate through e-mail.

For unfit cases, the medical test report should be collected in-person by the sponsor/PRO at Block 7 of Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre during working hours.

Q Do I need to book an appointment for a medical test for a UAE Visa?

Yes, you can walk-in during the working hours for a medical test. You do not need to book an appointment before visiting the medical test center.

Q Who can avail the embalming services in the UAE?

These services provide the embalming of a deceased body and the issuance of a no objection letter to transfer the body outside the country.

Q What are the required documents for embalming services in the UAE?

All the required documents must be delivered to the mortuary section before the body arrives.

• Death certificate
• Letter from the police
• Letter from embassy
• Death notification
• Airline ticket
• Copy of the decease’s passport

Q How long does the embalming process take?

The Embalming of a deceased body in the UAE takes about 45 minutes.

Q How much is the embalming service for?

Registration Fee1020
Fees paid by the company in charge of the deceased body 1840
Cost for Dubai Municipality ambulance220

In case of bodies infected with infectious diseases such as (HIV- Hepatitis B or C), please contact the call centre 800DHA

Q Do I need to book an appointment for the embalming services?

No appointments are required for embalming of a deceased body.

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