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Causes and Home Remedies for Child Hair Loss

Is your child suffering from hair loss? You are not alone. You will note that most children usually suffer from this problem at one time or another. If you are a first-time mom, you might be worried that your child is suffering from this problem. However, this should not concern you. Some children usually suffer from thinning or balding hair at a very young age. Statistics indicate that an average of 3% of the total visits to a pediatric clinic is due to hair loss issues. There are many reasons why your child might suffer from hair loss. The good news is that this condition can be reversed even without medical intervention through home remedies for child hair loss. If you notice that your child is suffering from this condition, you should consider taking him or her to a pediatrician so that he or she can check the reason for pediatric hair loss. The following are some causes of hair loss in kids:

1. Diseases.

You will note that children frequently suffer from certain diseases from time to time. If your child has ringworms, his hair follicles might get affected and thereby make his hair to fall off. Ringworms are usually caused by a fungal infection. You can seek treatment and help your child to recover from that situation. Eventually, he will be able to gain his hair back.

2. Psychological issues.

Children, just like adults, usually face psychological issues at one time or another. There are instances when your child might be undergoing this issue at some point in his life. He or she might start plucking the hair using bare hands. This is usually caused by a mental disorder that is related to psychological problems. If the patient suffers from trichophagy, the situation might be worse. Some of these patients normally pluck their hair and eat them.

3. A change in eating habits.

Ideally, you should ensure that you take a balanced diet all the time. However, some kids hardly take a balanced diet. This is not right. This can make them to have a weak immune system and thereby suffer from different illnesses. If your child is not taking nutritious food, his or her hair might start falling. This situation can be reversed by taking healthy foods. In this case, you should ensure that your child takes food rich in vitamins and proteins. There are some scenarios where strict vegetarians have affected the health of their kids. Some of their kids have ended up suffering from hair loss. Giving your child the right supplements that they lack in their daily diets can help mitigate this situation.

4. Medication

You will note that some medication can have hair loss side effects on your child. If you check keenly, some of these treatments typically make the hair to become thin. Mostly, these treatments are usually done using drugs that contain lithium and isotretinoin for curing acne. Chemotherapy has also made children to suffer from hair loss. However, the hair usually starts to grow after some time. This normally happens when treatment is over.

5. Environmental issues.

The environment can also cause hair loss; for instance, some children usually live in areas that have a lot of pollution, regions that have high levels of chlorine and other minerals that are not healthy to the body. Alose, If you live near the mines, your child is likely to lose hair.

Some home remedies can help you deal with your child's hair loss. In this case, you should consider the following ideas:

1. Green tea.

You might have heard about green tea in the past. It is known to have many health benefits. One of these benefits is promoting the growth of hair. This way, you can trust that your child will not suffer from hair loss again. In this case, you should soak two bags of green tea bags in hot water and then allow the water to cool. You should then rinse your child’s hair with this solution and keep massaging the scalp gently. You can use this solution as an after-shampoo conditioner. If you want to see positive results, you should repeat this process twice a week. This has proved to be very useful in the recent past.

2. Coconut milk.

Did you know that coconut milk is one of the best home remedies for child hair loss? This is because this milk usually has a lot of essential nutrients that can promote hair growth. The good news is that this milk usually contains potassium, iron, and fatty acids. Besides providing nutrition to the scalp, the ingredients penetrate the hair shaft. This often helps in sealing in the moisture and thereby protecting against heat and pollutants. The fatty acids present in this milk regularly help to break the hair strand by binding the keratin making up the hair, and strengthening it. If you apply this milk on your child’s scalp, you can trust that the problem of hair loss will end soon. You just need to do this for a few hours a day before rinsing it off.

3. Onion juice.

Onion juice usually has a high sulphur content. This typically helps to promote blood circulation in the scalp. If there is poor circulation of blood and oxygen in the scalp, the scalp cells might die. This leads to hair loss. If you notice that your child has a hair loss problem, you should apply onion juice on his or her hair and scalp. This helps in stopping hair loss and promotes the regeneration of hair follicles. The sulphur content in the onion juice helps to promote the formation of collagen. This, in turn, helps to promote hair growth. Sometimes, your child’s scalp might have germs that might be responsible for hair loss. Onion juice can be very effective in helping you mitigate this problem. This is because it usually possesses antibacterial properties. These can effectively help kill all the germs present on your child’s scalp. You will be surprised to see a significant change in your child’s hair after applying this juice. It is truly incredible.

3. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is known to have many health benefits. This is because it normally has a high nutrient content. It has the ability to delay hair loss and sometimes enable the hair to regrow. Besides nourishing the hair, aloe Vera can help remove dead scalp cells and cleanse the pores. It is also effective in unclogging the hair follicles while maintaining the scalp’s PH at the optimal level. This makes it ideal for your child, who has hair loss issues.

4. Potato juice.

One can get hair loss if he or she does not have the right nutrition. This can make the hair to start drying out or thinning. If you notice that your child’s hair is getting thin or drying out, you should consider using potato juice. This juice is known to have a lot of vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. In addition, this juice usually contains other nutrients such as manganese, calcium, niacin, phosphorus, and so on. When you apply this potato juice on your child’s scalp, you can trust that the hair follicles will get the nutrients that they need. This can help to prevent drying of the hair and premature balding.

5. Lemon juice.

Doctors usually recommend that you use lemon juice as a home remedy for child hair loss. One advantage of using this juice is that it has a low PH that makes it effective in cleaning oil and dead cells from the scalp. It is also rich in vitamin content that helps to nourish the hair follicles and promote their growth. You can apply lemon juice on your child's scalp and thereby eliminate dandruff, reduce the oil on his scalp, and eventually prevent hair loss.

6. Use natural oil to massage your child’s scalp.

There are some natural oils that you can get out there in the market. Some of these natural oils have proved to be very effective in preventing hair loss. These oils include Alma oil, coconut oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, and mustard oil. Massaging oil on your child's scalp can help to promote relaxation and blood flow to the follicles.

7. Egg mask.

Most people have applied egg masks at one time or another. This is actually one of the oldest natural remedies for treating hair loss. The egg white is known to possess restorative properties that have high nutrient content. Some of the minerals that are present in the egg white include selenium, phosphorus, sulphur, zinc, iron, and high levels of iodine. These minerals can make your child's hair to become healthier and softer. You can actually make your own egg mask at home and then apply it on your child's scalp.

8. Avocado oil

Most people usually like taking avocadoes alongside other dishes. You will note that this fruit often promotes hair growth and makes it thicker. It is usually considered to be one of the best hair treatments out there. This fruit usually contains antioxidants, fat content, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties. These can significantly help to moisturize and strengthen your child's hair. In this case, you will use it in the form of an oil. You can apply this oil on your child's scalp and then wash it later with a chemical-free shampoo. This has proved to be very effective in the recent past.

9. Pumpkin seed oil.

This oil is also known to treat hair loss. It also plays a significant role in making your hair stronger. The good news is that these seeds usually contain healthy acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids that help in maintaining the standard cell structure. They also help to retain moisture in the scalp as well as the hair. This oil can be consumed directly in the form of supplements or even applied to the scalp. This can assure you that your child will not suffer from hair loss.

10. Honey and Greek yogurt.

Have you ever heard about Greek yogurt? You will note that this is a natural hair conditioner. It is known to contain proteins and vitamin B5. These nutrients are very beneficial for your hair. Honey usually has antibacterial properties that can prevent your child's hair from getting damaged. If your child is suffering from hair loss, you should make a mixture of honey and Greek yogurt. Here, you will need to add a mix of 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt with one spoon of honey and lemon. Mix them well and then apply the mixture on your child's scalp. You can use a hair dye brush to apply this mixture on his scalp. Let this mixture remain on your child's hair for about 30 minutes. Once the period is over, you can then rinse it thoroughly with cold water. You can then repeat this process once a week.

11. Use neem leaves.

You might have seen a neem tree growing in your locality. Its leaves are known to have excellent antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help the hair follicles to become stronger and promote hair growth. If your child has a hair loss problem, you should use the leaves to make an extract or juice and then apply it on your child's scalp. In this case, you should take about ten neem leaves and then boil them in water. You should let the water to boil until it reduces to half the initial quantity. Once the mixture has cooled down, you can then apply it on your child's scalp. It essential that you allow it to remain on his or her head for 30 minutes. You can repeat this process for about twice a week and see the difference.

12. Fenugreek/Methi seed paste.

You will realize that this is a popular Indian spice that is normally added to different dishes out there. It is known to possess many health benefits. If your child has a hair loss problem, you can apply his paste on his or her scalp. This paste can stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. This paste usually contains lecithin that is essential in moisturizing hair and protecting it from breakage. If you want to get optimal results, you should apply this paste on your child’s scalp twice a week.

Consider these ideas for child hair loss today, and your child will have a full scalp of hair in no time.
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