5 Signs That Your Child Needs To See A Pediatric Neurologist

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5 Signs That Your Child Needs To See A Pediatric Neurologist

Every parent values his or her kid. However, kids usually have different health issues from time to time. Whenever your child has an ailment, you should not hesitate to take him or her to a health practitioner. This can help to mitigate the disease that might be bothering your kid. For instance, your kid might have seizures or even constant headaches from time to time. In this case, you should take him or her to a pediatric neurologist. Any brain injury can make your child lose his or her life. Taking your child to this expert can help prevent this and thereby make your child healthy.

Neurologists usually treat disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems. These include the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and even muscle. The nervous system is mainly a sophisticated machinery that coordinates seamless communication between the brain and the body. When this system has issues, your child might develop various problems that need the services of a neurologist. The following are the signs that your child needs to visit this specialist:

⇒ Headaches.

It is essential to know that the estimated worldwide prevalence of headaches in children is a staggering 54%. It is usual for your child to get a headache once in a while. However, there are instances when your child might have occasional mild to moderate headaches. In this case, you should seek the services of a pediatric neurologist. A pediatric neurologist can help deal with migraines and headaches. He can also help deal with symptoms that might accompany headaches such as nausea, vomiting, and so on. These might be signs of neurologic dysfunction such as weakness, numbness, and even confusion.


Some people usually think that seizures are rare. This is not correct. You will note that 10% of the population typically have seizures in their lifetime. However, only 1% of the population develops typically recurrent seizures, such as epilepsy. Children, in most instances, are generally prone to febrile seizures. These seizures usually occur in children who are six months and five years old. At first, these seizures might be frightening to you, however, they do not tend to cause any long term issues. Research shows that most children with febrile seizures do not develop epilepsy. They also hardly develop any long-term neurological problems. If your child has a febrile seizure, you should take him or her to a pediatrician. However, if he or she has any other type of seizure, you should take him or her to a pediatric neurologist.

Developmental delay.

Some children usually take time to grow compared to others of the same age. It is the joy of every parent to see his or her child grow and even learn new concepts effectively. These are some of the most fascinating aspects of being a parent. You will note that children are different. Some of these kids usually have issues in their normal developmental stages. There are instances that your child can fall into the category of global developmental delay. This means that he  or she might have issues in more than one developmental area. In this case, he can have issues with the motor, social, and even their thinking capacity. If you notice that your child has these issues, you should take him or her for screening. This can help mitigate this problem as soon as possible. He or she might include a further evaluation by a neurodevelopmental pediatrician.

Abnormal movements.

Children move differently from adults. It is important to note that babies’ nervous systems are not mature enough to smoothly control their legs and arms. How can you tell that a particular moment is ordinary or not? You will note that there precise movements that children develop as they grow. They usually perform these habits when they are excited, startled, or bored.

These movements are commonly known as stereotypes. There are some instances when you can confuse these movements with tics or other movement disorders. You should be keen to notice the tics. Tics are basically involuntary repetitive movements such as eye blinking, nose twitch, and so on. If your child has more than one motor and at least one vocal tic that lasts more than a year, he or she might have Tourette syndrome. If this is the case, you should take him or her to a pediatric neurologist. This expert will help deal with any involuntary movement or problem that interferes with the daily life of your child. This has actually worked well for many people.


You might think that stroke is only experienced by adults. However, children are also vulnerable individuals who can still get stroke.it is surprising to note that the young ones can be affected at any point in their lives. There are some weaknesses that you should always be keen to check. These include early handedness, delayed motor milestones, and even the sudden weakness of a particular part of the body.

Some children experience difficulty when performing different tasks. In this case, they might not be able to climb the stairs or even run. These are early signs that your child might get a stroke in the long run. Most parents usually think that fatigue is the leading cause of this problem. However, this is not always the case. If you notice any of these signs, you should take him or her to a pediatric neurologist for further evaluation. This expert will screen the weakness and be able to establish the cause of the weakness. This can help to avoid future problems.

It is true to say that our children might have different problems with their nervous system. Sometimes, it is difficult to control these conditions. The good news is that most of these conditions can be treated if they are noticed early enough. This can help your child to become healthy once again. These disorders are prevalent among children. You should, therefore, be keen to check them when you are bringing up your child. In case of these symptoms, the services of a pediatric neurologist in Dubai are definitely worth it.
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