Weaknesses on one side of the body-Causes

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Weaknesses on one side of the body-Causes

Have you ever felt weak on one side of your body in the past? You will note that some people are victims of this circumstance. This condition is known as hemiparesis. The term ‘Hemi' in hemiparesis denotes something that occurs on half of the body. It can be on your right or left side of your body. This weakness may involve various parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, hands, or a combination of those parts. Hemiparesis can manifest itself in many ways. These include loss of motor control, inability to feel one side of the body, or general sensations of weakness. It can actually affect every area of life. This includes walking, dressing, and any other activities that you do daily. Most of those people who have ever experienced a stroke and survived are likely to suffer from this problem. The affected part of the body can still move but with limited strength. The following are the causes of this problem:

1. Stroke.

There are many reasons why you might suffer from a stroke. You will note that most people have changed their lifestyles. If you are keen, you will realize that most of them hardly have time to exercise. Others have changed their diets are and are now taking processed foods. This can be detrimental. Failure to reduce your weight might lead to health issues such as stroke. This can make you experience weakness on one side of your body. This is more prevalent among those people who survive stroke in the past.

2. Multiple sclerosis.

This is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. Here, the immune system usually attacks the protective sheath that covers the nerve fibers. This causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of the body. The bad news is that this disease can cause permanent damage to the nerves. If you have this disease, you will generally feel weak on one side of your body. This can lead to hemiparesis.

3. Traumatic injury.

This refers to the physical injuries of sudden onset and severity. These injuries usually require immediate medical attention. You might get these injuries if you have been involved in a car accident, sporting activities, natural disasters, and so on. Your brain, spine, or nerves can get affected and thereby lead to this problem. You should seek immediate help so as to avoid this problem in the long run.

4. Infection of the brain, spine, or meninges.

The brain is a very delicate part of your body. You will note that it is typically protected by a skull and meninges that keep it safe all the time. Sometimes, your brain might get infected by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasites and thereby fail to function properly. If your brain is affected, your central nervous system might not function well. Ideally, the brain and the spinal cord is normally protected. However, when they are infected, the consequences can be dire. The infection of the brain, spine, and meninges can make you suffer from hemiparesis.

5. A tumor of the brain or spine.

You will note that healthy human cells usually grow and function based on the information contained in each cell’s DNA. Whenever there are changes in the DNA inside the cell, a tumor is formed. Sometimes, you might get a brain or spinal tumor. If one has a brain tumor, he or she will have a massive or growth of abnormal cells in the brain. This can also occur in the spinal cord. This can significantly contribute to hemiparesis. You might find it challenging to maintain balance and even lose the sensation of some parts of your body. Movement can become a big problem for you.

What are the symptoms of hemiparesis?

The symptoms of this condition normally correspond to the side of the brain or the side that has been affected. An injury to the left side of the brain might make the left side of the body to get affected. However, there are instances when the other part of the body might get affected. In this case, you will feel some weakness in that part of the body. If you are feeling some weakness on one side of the body, you might experience the following symptoms:

1. Difficulty walking.

Walking normally requires you to move both legs seamlessly. Your brain coordinates the movement of your legs typically. If you are suffering from hemiparesis, you might not be able to move well. You might find it challenging to move the affected leg or arm. If you want to move well, you might end up using more energy than necessary. It is vital that you seek medical attention so as to solve this problem.

2. Inability to maintain balance.

You might find it difficult to maintain balance when you are standing. In this case, you might either choose to remain seated for more extended periods. You can also choose to support yourself with something else in order to maintain this balance. Some people also find it difficult to grasp items using the parts that have been affected, such as the affected hand.

3. Lack of coordination.

If you are clapping your hands, your brain usually helps you to coordinate the movement of the hands. The same applies when you are running or walking. If you notice that you are having poor coordination when doing these activities, you might be experiencing the early stages of this problem. You should visit your nearest doctor for a diagnosis.

Weakness on one part of the body is very dangerous. Most people have caused many accidents due to this problem. Others cannot live on their own. They require to be helped to do a few activities either at work or at home. Living alone can be detrimental. You might strain to do various activities. You can consider engaging your friends or relatives to help you. You should not allow this condition to get worse. Visit a pediatric neurologist in Dubai so as to determine whether you are suffering from hemiparesis or not. Your doctor will conduct various tests on your body. He or she will test your reflexes, sensation, and strength. Once this condition is treated, you can trust that you will have better motor skills and coordination. It will also help to improve your ability to carry out various activities out there.
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